I am George Kirn.

             I am the lucky site administrator of Peace Bridge Networks

and here to help you in your needs in some of the offerings that I and my personal

have. This site is more like a web site about me , but I choose to include the many

people that have helped me in my years to do the things that  I needed or wanted.

           If you think I can help, chances are maybe a little. At this time I am just starting out

and find myself very busy. But that is just the workaholic type I am. Please email me and

I will try to respond. Thank you

                                                            George Kirn

                  Welcome to Peace Bridge Networks

                 So what does Peace Bridge Offer?
                 The answer is just what you need. "Service"!

      My name is George Kirn.
                 I am a truck driver with a background in many things because of my friendships. I have been lucky to enjoy the friendship of several people in my life that spend time with me in theirs , sharing what they know and learned . I love to learn and to be of help and as I retire in driving I am looking do good with my knowledge.
 With that in mind I find myself wanting to offer myself and my friendships to others  to help and use for hire.
                I may be able to help you with what you are looking for in myself or my associated  support teams. If you need a focused and quick response service with a strong labor ethic that is dedicated to your task with a peaceful attitude and reliable partners wanting success for you , then all you want to do is ask.
Computer systems  ie: Unix, AttV5unix ,Sun, Suse Linux, Novell Linux
Systems Engineer Linux Cert LPIC
Software Design and repair
Computer hardware ability
Websites editing in Joomla and html
Computer hardware
FCC licensed  Radio Communication ability
Storm Spotter certified
Partner development with VHF.UHF.MicroWave
Security Minded and HLS certified
Climber safety best belay you will ever have!
Emergency prepared in public awareness and protection
Water safety
HLS threat clearance
24 hour operation
Movement mobility
Detailed  timed stamped reports.
Security Oriented
Up to date
Truck Driving extensive experience
Commercial Drivers License CDL all classes including Triples and hazmat and tankers

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